About Service

When you invest in solutions from ABP Induction, you gain a long-term partner that is well prepared to help you keep your investment running profitably for decades. Regardless of your location in the world, you have ready access to ABP’s original OEM spare parts, field service and repairs.

At ABP Induction, we believe that your success is our success. Accordingly, our priorities are your safety, productivity and minimal long term cost of ownership. That means that we want to help you maximize machine availability and minimize downtime. ABP offers a range of services, from equipment inspection and preventative maintenance contracts, field service, spare parts, repairs and retrofits.

The best choice is to prevent downtime, so we recommend preventative maintenance contracts that anticipate wear parts and keep your equipment running with high productivity. Preventative maintenance customers will receive scheduled visits from ABP factory trained engineers that provide comprehensive technical inspections and recommendations.

Sometimes, however, even the best planning can’t prevent unexpected problems that require urgent response. In these cases we recognize that time is money and you need fast support. With subsidiaries and partners located in all major industrial regions of the world, we can quickly provide spare parts and emergency service, usually within 24 hours. Preventative maintenance customers receive priority scheduling.

Over the long term, ABP can support you with coil repairs and modernizing older equipment with the current state of the art features that maximize your productivity and safety.