About Foundry

ABP supplies coreless and channel induction furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries. ABP is known for its industry leading productivity, reliability, safety and efficiency. We offer furnaces with capacities from .5t up as well power ratings up to 42MW.

Over the years we developed deep understanding of the different foundry processes on a global base. We are not only an equipment supplier but also a competent partner to develop and discuss the best solution for our customers.

Our ABP foundry simulation tool provides helpful production data to design a most efficient and productive foundry layout.

We are in the countries for the countries combining technical knowledge with cultural competence.

We know plant building and our customer’s requirement to manage jointly the unforeseen.

Our systems

ABP offers a variety of systems that meet the requirements for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys which guarantee a high performance. With a modular architecture we can configure a system to meet your requirements quickly and efficiently.

Our technology

We use the most powerful systems in the world. Our meltprocessor PRODAPT® - Advanced calculates the energy request according to the furnace content and automatically controls the energy supply for melting and holding operations.

We rely on the TWIN-POWER® principle — 2 furnaces, 1 converter — that distributes converter power freely between both furnaces. While it holds melt in one furnace it simultaneously melts in the other.

Safety is important. Several different safety features like ground fault protection, ground fault indication, coil Hedgehog design protecting the coil against metal runner combining highest safety standards without jeopardizing productivity.

ABP’s parallel resonance power supply design allows for low secondary currents reducing electrical losses. This leads to a safer, more reliable, more energy efficient and higher productive operation. The new ABP digital converter control DICU® allows for an optimum power consumption and cos phi control.

Your advantages

All our systems are exceptionally reliable and offer high operational safety. Due to low energy consumption, our induction furnaces ensure low life cycle costs. Their layout is compact with low space requirements and includes a maintenance friendly design with special focus on predictive and offline maintenance including 24/7 hotlines and remote support.

If you would like to hear more about our different induction furnace types, please download our brochures here