About Forging

ABP supplies state of the art equipment for forging. Our products range from inductive billet heating systems to bar heating systems. We work with highly skilled employees that are experts in all fields of forging specializations. 

Billet Heaters

ABP works with two different billet heaters, type EBH and type EBS. Both can be used for steel billet heating, as well as non-ferrous metals. Due to short heating times both plants operate extremely quickly and efficiently. An accurate plant data setting ensures reproducible product quality. Plus, automatic exit temperature control guarantees the production of forged parts of highest quality.

Bar Heating System

The inductive bar heating system type ESS is ideal for a variety of processes, such as continual bar heating, fast forge pressing, as well as for hot shearing. Type ESS easily allows temperature adjustments to suit various grades of steel whilst optimizing axial and radial distribution of temperature at the same time. All modules are interconnectable and therefore can be adjusted based on individual requirements.

THERMPROF® Thermal Profile Calculator

ABP uses THERMPROF® thermal profile calculator to optimize temperature control and flexibility. As an expert in forging, we decided to work with this new technology because of its optimal temperature distribution within the workpiece due to controlled heat output by the heating processor. Additionally, THERMPROF® ensures flexible process optimization, including reduction in scaling, energy consumption, as well as reduction in the adhesion of billets. The system only requires a small number of stand-by coils and no set-up times for conversion to other coils.