Whether you would like to increase production, reduce energy costs or accomplish another business objective, ABP can offer you a custom tailored solution. ABP retrofits typically involve upgrading systems to the latest technology and safety standards. Retrofits typically cover some or all of the of the following systems:

  • Induction furnace
  • Converter
  • Cooling system
  • Power supply
  • Automatization
  • Automatic pouring control system (OPTIPOUR®).

Compared to new installations, retrofits typically offer significant savings due to being able to use the existing infrastructure.

Our highly skilled teams across the globe have installed thousands of retrofits at customers’ sites, such as replacing old pouring control systems with the state-of-the-art OPTIPOUR®, or retrofitting the line frequency to medium frequency power supply without exchanging the actual furnace.

Please contact us today and speak to one of our specialist to find out how ABP can help increase production, save costs and prolong the lifecycle of your products. 


  • Modernisierung – aus alt wird neu
  • Anlagensteuerung – Umbau auf aktuelle SPS
  • Umrichter-Modernisierung – DICU3 inkl. Touch
  • Spulenreparatur